Clinton, also known as Hell's Kitchen or Midtown West, is a neighborhood in midtown Manhattan bounded by 34th Street to the south, 59th Street to the north, 8th Avenue to the east and the Hudson River to the west.

While Clinton is not known for its parks, it does have very good retail infrastructure.  Ninth Avenue has hundreds of great inexpensive restaurants of all types.  Moreover, Clinton has very good transportation access, the exception being the streets located west of 10th avenue, which are primarily home to lower density commercial and industrial uses.

The neighborhood’s real estate stock is diverse with an array of residential, commercial and light industrial uses.  Clinton is one of the least expensive neighborhoods in Manhattan primarily due to the fact that the real estate stock there has been made, for the most part, obsolete and there has been limited redevelopment. However, this has been changing over the past decade as a recent rezoning has led to the construction of quality properties both commercial and residential.

138 listings for sale
28 new developments